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After 17 years, Mark Hamill entertained fans in a 40-minute conversation on stage, hosted by The Clone Wars voice actor James Arnold Taylor. Hamill recounted his time shooting the original Star Wars trilogy, answering questions submitted via Twitter and talking about his favorite and least favorite parts of that universe. And yes, Episode VII was mentioned briefly but only at Taylors insistence. Hamill didnt have anything new to share about the film, other than confirming that he is indeed growing his beard for it. (He said hes been growing it since that famous table read that reunited the cast.) Video: Full Mark Hamill conversation with James Arnold Taylor at Star Wars Weekends 2014 The most important takeaway from this conversation was Hamill urging fans to stay away from Episode VII spoilers. He begged everyone to ignore the leaks and just enjoy the film when it comes out on the big screen next year. Its mostly so we can maximize your eventual enjoyment of the picture, said Hamill, addressing the audience. And we want you to see it at the movies, not on the Internet. There are blue meanies out there that are going to try to show you every creature and, God knows, theyll probably try and leak the script and put it online, so if I were Id do [fingers in his ears] na na na na na, Hamill added. I dont know about you but Ive seen trailers where you go, Oh, Ive seen the whole movie. You want some suprises. In addition to portraying Luke, Hamills work includes providing many a voice for animated TV shows and video games including, most notably, the Joker for Batman: The Animated Series among others. During the discussion, he launched into quite a few hilarious imitations of Harrison Ford, Alec Guiness George Lucas, Frank Oz / Yoda, Alan Arkin, and others.
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Mark Hamill at Star Wars Weekends 2014

OBrien said they registered 1,482 children last year. Were hoping for the same number this year, she said. Kids at the Park Elementary were urged to sign up for the summer reading program. During the second act, the students seemed excited about joining the program and about the librarys Sci-Fi Saturday Kick-off Party on June 14 at 10 a.m. As technology becomes more available to people of every age, OBrien said she isnt too worried about the effect it may have on books. We embrace digital reading with ebooks. Parents are still circulating books and picture books for their kids, she said. The printed books are still download important to kids and parents. Tablets are just another gadget thats part of what they use for entertainment. She said that there are often trends if kids are reading. As soon as they like something, theres a book about it, said OBrien.
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